Is It Time To Replace Your Thermostat?

Is It Time To Replace Your Thermostat?

Your thermostat serves as a watchdog in keeping your preferred temperature for your home.  However, no matter how much you care for it, thermostats don’t last a lifetime. Here are the most common signs that you need a thermostat replacement NOW.

Leakage From The Mounting Surface

This is usually caused by improper thermostat installation or when your technician used a low-class and ineffective sealant or gaskets. This is probably the reason why you notice large coolant breed marks around the housing of your thermostat.

To prevent this problem, be sure to follow the installation guide and hire only a professional technician to install your thermostat. If it requires a new sealant, clear first the mounting before applying a new one. However, if the leakage is not caused by these two, you need to replace your thermostat immediately.

Noticeable Rusts And Corrosion

Corrosions are mostly caused by contaminated and non-compatible coolants but in some cases, these are caused by defective pressure cap which causes air bubbles that trigger rust and corrosion process.

Replacing your thermostat is necessary but before installing the new device, be sure to flush the cooling system and have it filled with a compatible and manufacturer’s recommended coolant. Replace the defective pressure cap as well.

Deposit Build-up

Deposit and sludge build up inside the thermostat can clog and hinder its proper operation. This is usually caused by contaminated coolants or if different types of coolants are mixed together. Sometimes, dirt and dust also clog the inside and cause parts to malfunction.

Before replacing your thermostat, see to it that you clear the coolant system and fill it with coolants which the manufacturer recommends. Be sure to clean your thermostat regularly.

Erratic Change In Temperature

Another common indication of a failing thermostat is the dramatic spike and drop in temperature which can greatly affect the performance of the components of your thermostat. This also leads to higher energy bill and insufficient cooling or heating in the parts of your home. If you feel that the temperature is abnormally low then shortly climbs to an abnormally high level, it’s time to have your thermostat checked or maybe, replaced.

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