What Happens When You Skip HVAC Maintenance?

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The last thing you want to experience is to have a faulty A/C during the scorching hot summer days or a flopping furnace during the cold winter nights. Smart and savvy homeowners sign up for regular maintenance. And you should, too. Here’s what could happen when you skip HVAC maintenance.

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are important components of your heating and cooling system. They keep your indoor air clean by filtering dust, dirt and other airborne particles. Dirty air filters not only reduce the efficiency of your unit, but they can also lead to health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues. By signing up for regular maintenance, you can keep your indoor air clean and healthy as always.

Refrigerant Leaks

HVAC maintenance helps in detecting and preventing refrigerant leaks. To keep your system functioning properly, it needs the right amount of refrigerants. When you run your A/C for a long time now, there’s a tendency for refrigerant leak causing your unit to work ineffectively. Without regular maintenance, you’ll lose sight of this issue which can cause your A/C to completely break down.

Clogged Drains

Regular maintenance ensures that your drains are free from debris and blockages. The dirt accumulated in your drains can block waterways causing it to pool in your A/C. If not given attention, it may leak out to your house and bring damage to it. The last thing you know, you are dealing with expensive A/C repair and home overhaul.

System Malfunction

Failing parts of your HVAC system need to be detected ahead of time. Regular maintenance will give an overview of the situation inside your system and notify you if there are parts which require quick repairs. This prevents complications in the general performance of the unit and avoids unexpected system shutdown.

Increased Energy Bills

Regular maintenance ensures that your system is in good condition and working effectively to prevent unnecessary increase in energy consumption. It gets rid of the unwanted particles that hinder the proper functioning of your system.

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