7 Signs That You Need A/C Repair in Denham Springs

Ac repair

No one wants a broken A/C during a hot summer day. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Denham Springs, LA and nearby areas are caught off-guard by this frustrating scenario. To give you a heads up, here are seven signs that you need A/C repair in Denham Springs.

1.    A/C Blowing Hot Air

Air conditioning units are designed to make your home cool, not the other way around. An A/C blowing hot air signifies hidden issues in your unit which can either be a faulty compressor or a refrigerant leak. Unluckily, these are not easy handyman tasks, so you will need a certified technician to conduct A/C repair or replacement in Denham Springs.

2.    Unusual Increase in Your Energy Bill

Air conditioning units are among the energy hogs at home. However, if you notice a drastic increase in your energy consumption each summer months, you might be dealing with an inefficient A/C unit. If it’s not in the mechanical components of the system, the culprit probably lies in the dirty filters, failing capacitor, duct leaks or lack of maintenance. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for you to schedule a professional air conditioning repair in Denham Springs for best results.

3.    Strange Odor

It’s not part of your air conditioner’s performance to produce unnecessary smells. But if your unit does in the middle of the operation, you probably have a burned wiring insulation, mold build-up, dead rodents, and other issues lurking in your unit. Without immediate attention, these issues can put your health at risk.

4.    Weird Noises

Since air conditioning units are big, mechanical systems, there will always be soft sounds during its operation. However, if you notice that the little operational noise you have has turned into a loud banging, squealing, grinding or grating sounds, then it’s time to call in the pro. The most common issues causing these noises are electrical problems, misaligned internal belt, and malfunctioning fan motor.

5.    Poor Airflow

Take time to examine the air that flows out of your vents. Does it seem like little to no air is passing through? Your air conditioning unit is probably struggling to cool your home with such amount of cool air. The main reasons for this are a malfunctioning compressor or clogged ductwork and air filters. Don’t delay scheduling a professional A/C repair in Denham Springs and get this issue solved immediately.

6.    High Humidity Level

Aside from cooling, balancing humidity level is also part of your air conditioner’s job. It eliminates excess moisture caused by the hot weather and the cold indoor temperature. You know your air conditioning unit is having issues when you see water pooling around your windows and doors. Let the expert diagnose this issue and provide the rightful solution to bring back your comfort inside.

7.    Water Leaks

Refrigerants are important components of your air conditioning system as it is responsible for creating conditioned air. These liquids should stay in the unit and should not leak into your home. The indications of a leaking refrigerant include pooled water or active leaks around the unit. Don’t waste time and immediately call for professional help as this can damage your unit fast and may cause serious home structural issues.

Professional A/C Repair in Denham Springs

It’s springtime, and sooner or later, you will be running your air conditioning units in full performance to combat the heat. Do you think your unit is in its best shape?

If you have experienced any of these issues last summer but fail to give them enough attention, do not repeat your mistake this year. Unless you want it to be the last summer of your A/C, we recommend you schedule a professional A/C service in Denham Springs right away! We have a team of expert heating and cooling technicians who are ready to serve your comfort needs. Whatever type of unit you have or the kind of issue you are facing, you can always count on us for quality and dependable repair services.

Whether you need repair service, maintenance, or A/C replacement in Denham Springs, our professionals at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating, and Controls have you covered. Give us a quick call or schedule an appointment and we will take it from there.