6 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

6 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s important to secure your home and your family against the cold weather. Take these winter tips from Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls to make sure you and your family won’t be left out in the cold.

1. Check your heating system

You turn to your heating system to stay cozy indoors during the winter. Hence, make sure that your unit performs well when you need heat the most. Do necessary replacements, repair and cleaning on the parts including filters, heat exchangers and pilot light to guarantee a smooth flow of warm air throughout the house.

2. Check the ducts

Your return duct system should be sealed to allow no space for leaks, cracks, and debris that can reduce or block airflow. Have your ductwork inspected regularly by professionals to avoid the costs of paying high energy bills through air loss.

3. Protect your plumbing system

We bet you don’t want to take showers in cold water this winter. Another important step in winterizing your home is insulating your pipes and water heaters.  Avoid frozen pipes and keep the hot water running by protecting your plumbing system with the proper insulation.

4. Draft-proof your doors and windows

Fill in any cracks and gaps to minimize infiltration of outdoor air by reinforcing insulation around windows and doors. Seal the gaps with a quality, silicone or weather stripping sealant for better results. You can save over 20% on your heating bills if insulation is done right using proper materials.

5. Clear the vents

If you have a floor heating system, make sure the vents and returns are clear from any blockages like rugs, mats, and furniture. Keep things at a distance, so the flow of air is not compromised. This is to ensure proper ventilation without sending dollars out of the window.

6. Work on your thermostat

Whether you’re using a smart or programmable thermostat, it’s necessary to set it to the ideal temperature for winter. Set the thermostat around 68 to 72 degrees when you’re at home and change the setting between 58 to 62 degrees at night time or before leaving.

Keep your family warm and safe from the cold weather. Take note of these tips and you won’t be left in the cold. For more heating tips from the HVAC experts, contact us at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls.