5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat in the Summer

5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat in the Summer

Was your previous summer energy bill unpredictable? Control your energy costs with a few wise steps. To reel your summer costs back in this summer, a few simple changes on thermostat setting can help. That’s where smart thermostats step in.

Here are five ways your summer home can benefit from a smart thermostat:

Taking Human Error Out of The Equation

Consider buying thermostats that can sense when someone is home and adjust the temperature through motion sensors. If you forgot to turn off your AC before you left home, you would appreciate the way your smart thermostat can detect that you have gone.

Save Energy

Around 60 percent of your energy bill goes to the cooling and heating of your home. If your AC unit runs more efficiently, you will save on your energy costs. Smart thermostats do just that with their ability to regulate the indoor temperature for maximum efficiency. Take it from Energy Star— you can save around $200 on your annual energy costs by using a smart thermostat.

Good Looks

Smart thermostats are designed to blend in gorgeously with the indoor decor, not to mention its elegant look. Smart thermostats look good with their easy-to-read digital display, graphics icons, and backlighting. Easy usage, attractive design… now that’s something.

Adjust The Temperature From Anywhere

Some of today’s thermostats allow homeowners to connect their devices via Wi-Fi.  As a result, you can now control your indoor temperature even when you’re not at home by simply logging in to your device.

Useful Features

Let your smart thermostat do the thinking for you and make your life easier. Smart thermostats are designed with helpful features such as dirty filter detection, maintenance reminders, and energy consumption monitor.

Analyze Your Energy Usage

Smart thermostats analyze your energy usage and display it in an easy-to-read monthly report.  The report can show you how much energy you consumed last month, and reward you with energy settings.


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